Mary and I have finally gotten around to updating our website.  Guess what!  Most of the content can now be hosted elsewhere. So please choose from the top menu what you would like to see. Some articles will remain here, but most of our current happenings will be posted elsewhere.

Also, Mary has retired from actively marketing and selling her Jewelry. If you are intrested in her work, please contact her directly.

Articles on Cruising in Mexico, The Gold Coast Cruisers Guide, Barra Lagoon Waypoints, Barra Town Map, and Net Controllers "Cheat Sheet" are now located under the "Sailing/Mexico" menu item above.

Recipes, including our "Oatty Bar" recipe (ideal cycling snacks), Chile Recipes, and Mulitgrain Bread Recipe can be found in our blog.  To see all our posted recipes, click this link.

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Hi folks - yes, it's true.  We had a great 16 years owning and sailing Raptor Dance. 

We did 6+ years cruising full time and had a blast!

But was time to move on and we sold her in April 2016.

We are keeping this website and domain as the new owner decided to change her name.


Mary and I played extras in a commercial for Tuxton China in 2013.  Here's the directors cut version.  We're at the table in the back.

bill and mary after.jpg Like many Americans, Mary and I (Bill) have been in a constant struggle to maintain a healthy weight and manage my cholesterol and blood pressure - Mary's BP and Cholesterol were OK.  Over they years we've tried all the diets and while we did achieve short term results, nothing worked over the long term.